RISC software and managing governance and compliance
If you want to pay less insurance, reduce business risk, then you need RISC! For further information on our RISC software and managing governance and compliance, browse through our documents below.

RISC Capabilities

RISC Brochure

How to reduce your insurance premiums, meet RISK, insurance, survey & compliance obligations by using RISC.

RISC Assisting Clients

RISK governance & compliance tools to assist clients manage insulated panel systems (ips).

Human Resources Protection

Life Work Shield

The Life Work Shield provides a low cost tailored solution for 100% of your workforce, your most important asset.

Business Services

Mergers and Acquisitions - Protecting Buyers & Sellers

Mergers and Acquisitions - Protecting Buyers & Sellers

Fire Safety Management

Hot Work Permit

A hot work permit completed form which must be used before starting work to manage the risks around fire in the workplace.

Cold Work Permit

NO WORK is permitted on Insulated Sandwich Panels (ISP), or any other composite building panels that have a combustible core.

Credit Risk Protection

NCI Credit Risk Management

NCI Credit Risk Management is a vital tool for protecting the financial health of your business.

NCI Radar

NCI Radar helps you to make informed decisions, to assist in avoiding bad debts

NCI Surety Bonds

NCI have negotiated the ability to place unconditional surety facilities with an AA-insurer for companies with turnover > 20mill

NCI Trade Credit Insurance

The value of the debtors’ ledger (money owed) is one of the largest assets of a business and yet it is often not insured.

NCI Commercial Collections

NCI Commercial Collections embraces an empathetic approach when dealing with problematic customers.

Property Valuation

MCG Quantity Survey

Underinsurance is now at 83% of properties for properties under $10m in value with scaled/architectural floorplans provided.