Property Underwriting Reports

Property Underwriting Reports

In today’s insurance market most Insurers require reports either prior to quotation or after going on risk.

Insurers want to know more about your business. These reports can make a significant difference to the insurers attitude your business risks. It’s written in the language they know, understand, and rely on.

Importantly, these reports can also alert you to issues and concerns. This will enable the opportunity to make improvements before issues are discovered by an insurer. From the simplest of issues like failure to service fire equipment to hazardous goods stored, knowing this and dealing with it prior,  offers better potential to lessen the cost of insurance and improve insurance offers.  

The report provides a risk profile of your company and its activities. It assists insurers to identify critical information required to estimate their capacity to insure and pricing. The reports cover items like construction, occupancy, fire protection, management fire safety controls and loss estimates.

Our affiliates offer discounted rates for Risk Mitigaters client for these services