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We provide serious risk management advice and a range of services focused on the reduction of exposures for business property such as buildings, plant and equipment that can significantly reduce the of major losses.

Manufacturers, suppliers, and those who deal in food, beverage industries or operate in clean and sterile environments are exposed to unique hazards.  Controlled temperature environments for product manufacture and storage require the identification and management of significant risks. For example, where there is refrigeration cooling and or heating processes, or clean environments, there are usually large areas which have insulated panels.  Many businesses operating in these industries, have suffered very large fire losses and which have been well publicised over the years.  Insurers are demanding businesses do more to reduce risk or may offer limited coverage with very high deductibles and or worse still, may not offer insurance at all.  

Unfortunately, even with insurers providing less insurance capacity insure, premiums are still rising and for some, making insurance no longer affordable.   Without a strategy to tackle these risks and those of environmental/quality control , businesses will continue to be at the mercy of insurers.

Businesses who are heavily penalised by insurers or cannot secure competitive property insurance,  suffer a flow on effect to other covers  such loss of income, liability, product recall and more. 

RISC is an acronym for Risk, Insurance, Survey and Compliance.  It is a software solution which enables business to develop and meet best practice in Risk Governance. It has regard to critical Self-Compliance issues which directly relevant to insurance policy conditions.  Underwriter premiums are also tightly controlled by idiosyncratic features usually revealed by professional Surveys. The extent of any Insurance offer or quotation is a direct outcome of the underwriter’s evaluation of all these key factors. RISC enables business to take control of these factors, to dramatically improve risk profile, command lower premiums and better insurance value.  It is an online system which is easy to use and requires little technical risk knowledge. We also guide you with each step so that familiarity and confidence will grow. 

Read some of our client testimonials and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Unfortunately, all too often after insurance cover has been arranged, there is little follow up of essential policy requirements.  Misunderstandings can result in breached policy subjectivities or conditions. Your loss could become your worst nightmare, or your claim could be rejected in totality.  Brokers and insurers are extremely busy and there is a tendency once cover has finally been obtained, for loss of ongoing support.  Unfortunately, that ‘set and forget’ strategy can be fatal. 

Our RISC software can provide vital checks and balances to ensure that this does not happen.

Whether you think you’re paying too much for insurance or not, only by comparing insurers terms, the extent insurance cover and other forms of risk transfer, will the real cost of insurance be established.  We bring clarity to your insurance decisions. Our risk management tools ensure that your valuable insurance protection remains exactly that.  Risk Mitigaters has the capability to keep insurance costs lower by utilising our RISC software and integrated solutions together with our affiliate partners support. 

Importantly, insurance alone does not change risk. It either pays or does not pay. RISC is the tool which drives risk mitigation and ultimately your success.

For those who cannot afford insurance, our software and alternate risk solutions can offer security and the confidence that there are worthwhile alternatives. We have a range of additional solutions on offer, applicable to many industries. We work with many industries such as those in the food and allied manufacturing, scientific and medical instrument, pharmaceutical, clean rooms technologies, cold storage, controlled environment storage, property owners, general manufacturing, construction and indeed, a broad spectrum of risks.

We are currently providing solutions in business such as those in egg production, beef, dairy, cheese, small goods, seafood, and cold storage. 

Managing risk is the responsibility of all businesses. Our solutions and professional advice have broad appeal. We provide opportunities for knowledge sharing and resources between all our industry participants and their associations. We can work with your own insurer or broker and provide enhanced risk solutions to existing risk programs.

Many businesses which we have assisted have reduced risk and obtained significant premium benefits. With improved risk governance, your need or dependency on insurance is also reduced. It will give you the validations to take higher excesses in exchange for premiums discounts because effective risk management makes numbers stack up.

This is how to build a solid business, one which is resilient to adverse risk events.  Your business will be ready to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise. The risks to enterprise will be identified, analysed, measured, and controlled. Capital can be more confidently deployed knowing that risk has been identified and balanced with reward. 

Our solutions provide reliable practices which can also be integrated fully with your business continuity plan. Its these steps  that can future proof your financial standing, regardless of the state of the insurance industry.

Let’s work together going forward.


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