Industrial Property, Products, Income, Liability, Fleet & Product Recall Insurances

Industrial Property, Products, Income, Liability, Fleet & Product Recall Insurances

We design and provide creative insurance solutions through our providers for insurance of property and various insurances. These insurance solutions are arranged with combinations of insurers and placed through our affiliate AFSL insurance service providers. The integration of our RISC managed solution provides significant risk mitigation and compliance controls. As the significant risks have been identified and are constantly managed, insurers  have greater confidence that businesses  who use our RISC compliance system, will remain attractive insurance risks for insurance purposes.  Insurers prefer RISC  Certified clients. See our testimonials.

Risk Mitigaters license and authorize affinity brokers who advise and deal in all classes of insurance to deliver insurance capabilities based on our technology and risk systems.  Authorized affiliates  must meet strict KPI’s are subject to annual review  and compliance requirements to  qualify as an affiliate.

We have built credible relationships with insurers based upon our RISC solutions and risk strategies.

Underwriters understand and see how our clients engage or do not in risk challenges. It is the activate demonstrable participation in risk management activity that directly translates into better risk profiles for insurers and with that lower premiums, better terms and expanded coverages. 

Similarly, with the advantage of group buying power, we can attract better markets and opportunities and offers for bulk motor fleets insurance, product recall insurance, and green slips. Our claim service management affiliates also provide significant and highly beneficial claims services.