Trade Credit Services, Insurance, Surety Bonds, Debtor Finance

Trade Credit Services, Insurance, Surety Bonds, Debtor Finance

The cost of a bad debt should be treated much more seriously than simply the loss of money owed. The truth is, one can never make up for the cost of a bad debt. The impact can put stress on cash flow and will damage a company’s bottom line. What would be the consequences of one of your largest customers failing to pay?

Multiple risk solutions are available for Trade Credit Insurance, Surety Bonds, Performance Bonds, Debtor finance, Credit Risk Management, Commercial Collections, Information and reports, Online credit applications for your clients, Training, credit alerts for clients

The value of the debtors’ ledger (money owed) is one of the largest assets of a business and yet it is often not insured.

If you have chose not to insure, there are a range of other options which can be provided to identify and reduce your exposure to loss. This could be a simple as using our free  FREE Business Risk and Growth Health Check assessment  or financial monitoring  of clients which starts at as little as $82.50 per month. This active monitoring can be the one critical heads up that your debtor has just starting going bad.  Not a good time to increase their credit limit!

Other business assets are normally insured, yet the risk to a business of customer insolvency is one of the most volatile exposures.

  • What would the impact on your business be if your largest client could not pay you?
  • When was the last time you reviewed the credit worthiness of your top 20 risks?
  • How do you assess the credit worthiness of a new or potential client?
  • How do you continually monitor the credit risk factors of your debtors?
  • What do you do when an account becomes overdue?

If your profit margin is 20% and a default of $300,000 occurs, you will need additional sales of $1.5M to recoup that loss.

Find out how you can preserve profits, protect liquidity, and cash flow.

Have the confidence that you can derisk  finance risk and expand business at the same time.

We will help you strengthen your credit management and add resilience to your business.

Increasing bank overdraft and loan rates are increasing and so your are own financial exposures as those of your customers and suppliers. 

With our help and our FREE Business Risk and Growth Health Check , we can begin to strategically identify these growing exposures.

Your understanding of risk will appreciate, and how you can better protect your balance sheet.

Resilience will be enhanced as you deploy the chosen strategies with confidence to take on new opportunities and new risk.

We have a lot to offer and welcome your call.