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Financial Risk Solutions

With years of corporate experience across all industry segments our affinity finance team has a can-do attitude. A key collaborator within our  entire team we can maximize your finance risk needs and achieve better finance outcomes through our joint synergies.  In this fast moving interest rate environment how can you keep up to date?

Our affinity specialists can analyse and cut through the terms, conditions and guarantees,  to evaluate and rank offers from various bank and financiers.

The skill is not merely to know what the cost of finance is, or what are the options are to de-risk this, but what leverage is available to you to use against the banking system itself.  Many business are forced to take out loans with onerous conditions  simply because they do not know any better or may have selected the finance on offer based on the interest rate alone.  Perhaps you have not benched your own providers for for some years. Has customer complacency crept in?  There are many variables that must be identified and weighed and which are significant elements when considering offers for finance.

Banks and financial institutions are constantly evolving just as the financial markets do. So to are bank and financial loan and collateral requirements. In high interest rate climates, the impact of a poorly chosen finance package will be more critical when and if it all goes sour.  The higher the loan to income gearing the further the financial exposures escalate, putting the business at risk of going under in financial stress. Have  you unwittingly handed control of your business to bank administrators through unduly harsh loan terms. A fire sale to rescue the bank assets (not yours) is about to begin.  Your loan is solely based upon terms totally suitable to the bank. Its up to you to know the full extent of these terms before hand, should the trigger occur where the loan repayments are instantly are called up.  

What are the best options may not be the lowest rate long term. How much control of you business are you handing the financiers  without really understanding you have already handed the keys your business.

If you want to appreciate the full extent of  borrowing risk then  you need to understand much more than rates and security of payments.

This means understanding prior to committing, loan covenants and guarantees.  This is that  knowledge which has been acquired over many years in the banking and financial institution systems by our dedicated affinity team.

Once you balance this comprehensive advice against the cost of finance,  you will know if the finance on offer is cheaper, better and at what relative risk. 

Find out your options and if you can save on your financial overheads, by not putting your entire business on the line. 

With increasing interest rates pressuring overheads, this is a timely opportunity for you to call us.

Let's work to reduce your financial exposure and create a little more certainty in the finance transaction.

Our partnership team of dedicated and experienced finance brokers specialise in commercial finance and provide the following services:
Commercial Property Finance and Development
Working Capital Solutions and Debtor Funding
Business Cash Flow Options
Equipment Finance
Residential Finance
Trade Finance and more
Corporate Financial Restructuring