Our Risk Solutions

Our Risk Solutions
Risk Mitigaters provides risk consultancy in many alternative disciplines. This can be particularly beneficial where conventional insurance is not cost effective or too restrictive to be of benefit. Some area of consultations are;

Our Primary Risk Solutions

Risk management from your browser
RISC Plus Services
Customised Monthly Legal Support
Bulk Insurance Marketing and Service Offerings
Alternate Risk Treatment
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning
Business Risk Management Services are one of Australia's largest risk management training App developers.
Quantity surveying can significantly lessen the risk of under insurance.
Plaintiff & Defandant Insurance Representation

Alternate Risk Solutions

Enterprise Risk Consulting Services (ERCS)
Risk Profiling Services (RPS)
Discretional Mutual Fund (DMF)

Bulk Insurance Solutions

Trade Credit Services, Insurance, Surety Bonds, Debtor Finance
Merger and Acquisition - Protecting Buyers & Sellers
Human Resources Protect your most valuable asset
Employee Compensation Premium and Claims Services
Loss Control, Claim Management & Expert legal advice
Liability Underwriting Reports
Our affiliate valuer, provides property valuation services for property insurance.
Industrial Property, Products, Income, Liability, Fleet & Product Recall Insurances
Property Underwriting Reports